Watering Secrets

Between 55% and 85% of a tree’s weight is water.  Improper watering is the leading killer of plants.  Not enough water is one of the most common reasons that plants wilt and die, whilst over-watering, in simple terms, drowns your plant. Some of the most important reasons plants need water include: Several factors determine how […]

Understanding Root Growth demo

Some books I have read and some YouTube videos I have recently viewed “appear” to promulgate this misunderstanding.  Others have caused me to rethink and I present my research for you to use as you wish, as follows. Basically, there are two types of plant tissues: Meristematic tissue cells are either undifferentiated or incompletely differentiated; […]

Casuarina Air Layer

I purchased this tree from at a Bonsai school closing down sale because I wanted a Casuarina to play with and this triple trunk intrigued me. The day was so crazy the there was not much time to assess a tree before grabbing it. If you stood back to look at it for a minute, […]